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making mad-hatter hat
Malaya's school picture duct-tape sprite/fairy
Malaya can play bass
Malaya can play the bass very well
                DIY duct-tape friend-ship braided bracelet.

           you will need
1. duct-tape
2. scissors are optional if you want to cut instead of rip the duct-tape


Rip or cut the duct-tape to about a foot long. Then cut or rip the duct-tape in half  so they are long and thin. Roll the duct-tape into long solid thin tubes make three to be able to braid, I suggest making  the strips different colors to see the braid. Line the three strips next to each other, rip or cut a one inch strip of duct-tape to cover the top end of your tubes. Braid the tubes once you reach the end of braiding get one more one inch strip and  secure the end of your tubes by raping the one inch strip around the end of the three tubes,do the same thing to both sides if you haven't.Make a two inch strip and connect the two ends together.This craft is fun for kids to make because it is easy to make and it looks great!